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Inbound Partners assists firms in establishing IT and engineering businesses in the United States. We provide our clients the unique possibility to spin-off and transfer their Inbound Partners team into a wholly customer-owned legal company, unlike typical outsourcing businesses.

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What we do?

Facilitating Team Transfers

We begin by forming a cross-border team as a seamless extension of your local organization, which we will nurture and then integrate into your firm once it has matured. There are no surprises for the purchase fee and transfers terms because they are mutually agreed upon at the outset of our collaboration.

As though they were your own workers within your company, you work directly with your cross-border IT teams.

All support services, including coaching and encouraging your team members for maximum performance and stability, are handled by Inbound Partners. This includes streamlining our international operations.

By applying our methods, procedures, and technologies, our clients are managing all aspects of team support (HR, IT, legal, travel, and operations).

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