Artificial Intelligence

Enterprises require compositional AI that has the ability to explain. AI-Driven Transformation requires companies to plan for the scale of their operations, adopt ethical AI concepts, as well as build an efficient infrastructure. Innovation in business processes and creation of products using AI-First principles.

Technology can revolutionize business processes, provide better user experiences, and enhance and improve human decision-making. This is why it’s seen as one of the most significant opportunities for many companies today – and is a crucial element of many digital transformation initiatives.

Our solutions are built on the most advanced mathematical and statistical concepts and cutting-edge techniques such as deep learning neural networks, machine learning, and neural language processing.

Our team can assist you in leveraging the most current AI methods and tools to develop practical applications that provide real value to your business.

IBP has an in-depth understanding of three key fields of AI services: Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision & Image Processing.

Our capabilities are used to develop practical solutions to strategic business issues and opportunities. Our work draws on decades of industrial and academic research expertise.

AI helps in finding the best way to play chess. It finds the most effective sequence of stock trading. Find the most suitable candidate for the job in a shorter time. Monitoring patients continuously to establish baselines and provide early detection of any problems. Examining CCTV video to identify suspicious behavior and security threat. IBM Watson can find insights faster than human beings. AI is used to analyze and suggest improvements in contracts. AI is being utilized for hundreds of customer inquiries every month and has 95% precision within a matter of seconds.

Google Duplex can make phone calls to schedule a salon or restaurant appointment. Google Deep Mind won a worldwide Starcraft game competition against professional gamers. Amazon utilizes AI to make book and product suggestions. Chatbots on websites are used to respond to basic questions from customers. Airports use image recognition to ensure the security of staff. Informatica employs AI to ensure compliance as well as data collection and analysis. Fintech uses AI to analyze and mix different data sets. In healthcare, AI helps analyze more data to aid in the prevention of illness. Baidu in China has developed self-driving buses for cities with large populations.

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