Application Replatforming

Replatforming refers to changing an application’s previous platform while adhering to minimal possible 12 factors to allow it to run on the cloud while maintaining its functionality. The modernization process of application re-platforming involves switching from vertically-scaled technology like RDBMS to horizontally scalable technologies like open-source software. This level of effort only provides the real benefits of cloud computing. It’s fine for specific applications since not all require all the benefits of being cloud-native.

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The transfer from fully-fledged application servers that cost a lot to operate, license, and manage has been a steady trend in the market since 2004. Servers that are lightweight and can be incorporated into the cloud are the norm, especially in Java and Java EE, where Apache Tomcat has dominated for several years.

Vertical scaling is, by nature, limited. Cloud platforms can scale horizontally upwards or downwards in a matter of minutes, with no delay, even auto-scaling. Platforms that are open source, such as Cloud Foundry, can run up to 250,000 containers on one cluster. Modern platforms allow applications to be mobile across multiple IaaS providers, either inside or outside the firewall.

Cloud platforms are a significant sector of R&D investments by almost every major company and practical foundations and consumers across numerous companies. They disrupt the old model of software licenses by offering subscription and utility pricing. Additionally, cloud platforms decrease the number of solutions needed to run on the cloud.

Alongside powerfully easy and consistent tools for developers across all programming languages, many cloud platforms offer essential services straight out of the box, as basic platform elements, and have extensions to the model. If developers can self-service and instantly set up an environment with universal access controls and audit trails is a huge win for the operations team to determine the consumption parameters. App stores are then utilized to consolidate cloud services that developers can use.

Modern cloud platforms offer health management with no agent that provides an integrated, near-real-time overview of the essential service, application, and platform metrics. Operators and developers understand the same system’s health and availability information in cloud-based environments.

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