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The core testing services are essential for businesses to successfully provide results for their business. Insufficient core testing can lead to increased costs, decreased profits, and a waste of resources and time.

The reason that our clients and customers choose us as their most preferred core test outsourcing offshore service provider for their outsourcing needs across various industries lies in our “quality first method” to all we do. The primary benefits of our services for testing products are as the following.

1. We have the ability to comprehend and integrate ourselves into the client’s business processes.

2. We guarantee thorough verification of software specifications and requirements, both at the system and integration level, ensuring that the software performs as expected and provides a highly robust final product.

3. Continuous quality control and checks for compliance to spot even the most subtle flaws.

4. Continuous testing efforts ensure the functionality of all aspects and performance metrics, Usability parameters boundary conditions, and compatibility requirements for a trustworthy software product.

The approach of Functional Testing at IBP encompasses both requirement- and business process-based testing. We ensure that every function of the software program operates according to the requirements specifications written in the specification. Our testing includes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), and Command-Line Interfaces (CLIs).

IBP performs regression testing using a precise selection of the appropriate test cases to test for common defects critical functions, high visible functions, validation of key products’ features, features that are subject to recent modifications, full integration, complex and boundary values, as well as samples of failure and success.

IBP tests new features and functions within new versions to test whether they are functioning in accordance with the specifications supplied by the creator to make sure that the previously-existing function or stability of the program has not been compromised.

IBP’s Failure and Recovery Testing verifies the product’s ability to successfully overcome potential problems arising from software bugs, hardware failure, or communication issues (e.g., network failure). Testing is the process of confirming the final moment at which the system’s integrity was established and reprocessing transactions until that point where the system is failing.

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