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When the creation and consumption of data increases, so does the complexity, and data becomes more challenging to manage, analyze, and process. The data gravity effect can hinder workflow performance, create security concerns, and increase costs. To deal with the exploding data problem and speed up digital transformation, you must evolve to a data-centric, hybrid IT architecture. Data centers are integral to any modern-day enterprise. Our data center services come to resolve many technological and data-related challenges you might be facing.

They are an essential element of the business, created to facilitate business applications and offer services like:

1. Storage, management, and backup of data backup and recovery.
2. Software for productivity, such as email.
3. Transactions on e-commerce that are high-volume.
4. Powering online gaming communities.
5. Machine learning, Big Data, and artificial intelligence.

IBP’s Data Center services ensure your data will remain up-to-date and secure from interruptions and be kept in the backup recovery center, which means you’ll be ready in a flash if an unwelcome event occurs.

Get physical and virtual connectivity to your partners, customers and facilities, and providers, and expand the capabilities of your network. Moving beyond traditional interconnections and cross-connects backhaul into an age of connected, open data communities co-located in data centers.
Integrate your data with traffic and traffic-related services, exchanged, and policies enforced by connecting to data communities that are important to you.
Eliminate barriers that have been in place across the interconnection industry, and address the issue of data connectivity head-on.

Data-centricity is a way to organize cloud core and edge to allow enterprises, platforms, and connectivity companies to gain access to the hidden value and increase growth.

We are dedicated to social, environmental and governance-related initiatives. We take active steps to reduce our environmental impact by implementing new technologies to maximize energy and natural resources. We are creating environmentally friendly, green and energy-efficient data centers.

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