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Explaining strategy

The IBP Method

We utilize in-person or virtual meetings with clients to understand the project specifics. Understanding the project specifics and client’s goal helps us present them with the ideal solution.

We take a tailored approach to complement the needs of our Clients. We focus on our strategies based on data-driven analysis, process improvements designed to streamline the support experience, and customer service tailored to delight your user-base.

We present our clients with solutions that are both scalable and customizable as per their requirements. Our products are designed to gel smoothly into our client’s workflow to facilitate easy transitions.

We support clients through the full lifecycle of support that they require. 

Staffing Outsourcing

Our staffing outsourcing processes are done with the utmost attention and dedication. We understand that our customers don’t have the time or resources to go through hundreds of applications in today’s fast-paced market, especially if they find themselves in an emergency. Therefore, our mission is to discover the greatest prospects on the market, connect them with our clients, and make the entire process as painless as possible for all parties involved.

Staff Augumentation

Staff Augmentation services from Inbound Partner are a  cost-effective solution for our clients to grow the size and productivity of their internal development teams in a short amount of time.

Team Transfer

We provide our clients the unique possibility to spin-off and transfer their Inbound Partners team, unlike typical outsourcing businesses.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated teams work in sprints to effectively attack the backlog while keeping the freedom to re-prioritize to produce the best product possible.

Best Staffing Outsourcing

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Industries we serve

The ability to rely on and trust staffing outsourcing and on-demand service providers such as Inbound Partners is a crucial and strategic business move.

Leveraging our experience and proprietary framework, Inbound Partners is able to provide best-in-class business outsourcing solutions. Our process is adaptable and flexible to meet your business needs- be it staffing outsourcing or for on-demand services.